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About Smyrna Vintage Findings

Who are we?

It has become a hobby for me to find things I can transform from unwanted items to

beautiful pieces that are enjoyable. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, something

that one person considers worthless may be considered valuable by someone else. I have found so many items that I have been able to repurpose by creating a distressed, vintage look….. just by adding some paint and TLC. From start to finish, you will never believe it is the same piece.

That is why I started Smyrna Vintage Findings. In the last couple of years I have discovered what I am truly passionate about so I have been transitioning from the corporate world to more fun stuff like painting, photography, sewing, quilting, gardening and all sorts of DIY projects. I have shared my amazing discoveries with family and friends and have received positive feedback from everyone. It also helps having a husband that is entrepreneur minded and is so super supportive.

At Smyrna Vintage Findings I get to teach all the stuff I love to do and continue to learn at the same time. I have realized that once you learn how to “do it yourself” the sky is the limit. Earn as you learn! My goal is to share it with as many people who love to do the same. I hope you get inspired to start transforming your own vintage findings! I always believe that sharing is caring.

-Cristina Zuercher // Founder 2015

What We Do

We specialize in Custom Orders and do all the work for you. Or you can browse our Gallery and purchase one of our collections that has been revived, restored or re-purposed. Or why not join one of our Workshops and learn how to do it yourself!

DIY Craft Nights – Come enjoy an evening without distraction at home. Just you and your paint! Share ideas and projects with others. Learn new techniques and improve your DIY skills. Bring your own paint and any projects you are working on.

Distressing For Dummies – Beginners workshop on how to create a distressed look with paint. All materials and paint will be provided for this class. This workshop is available for groups or as a one-on-one.

BYOP Workshop – Bring Your Own Piece. If you have a piece of furniture at home that you just can’t let go of but want to revive it…. join our BYOP workshop. We will provide training and all the paint supplies. If you are a beginner it is recommended to sign up for our Distressing for Dummies Workshop or a One-on-One Workshop but not necessary.

Chalkboard 101 – Beginner’s class for learning how to create a chalk board from a window pane. All materials and paint provided. The most exciting part of class is that you get to take home your transformed chalk board!

Mirror Make Over – Learn how to take old mirrors you have at home and give them a facelift with some paint. This is a beginner’s class on how to create a distressed look with paint. You can bring your own mirror or we can provide one for you. Paint will be provided for this class.

Frame Fixer Upper – Repurpose old frames in the closet and turn them into chalkboards, cork boards or just simply transform them. This is a beginner’s class on how to create a distressed look with paint. You can bring in your own frame or we can provide one for you. Paint will be provided for this class

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